Water Sampling Station Model EZ-01F

Water Sampling Station Model EZ-01F – American-MC

The Water Sampling Station Model EZ-01F built by American-MC is designed for municipalities and individual customers across the United States. The Water Sampling Station Model EZ-01F is slightly different from the EZ-01 design by including a full flow flushing valve with the same specs made to assure you get a quality water sample. Built with wind guards, a lid that doubles as a rain guard and a shelf able to hold up to 35lbs.

Model EZ-01F
Height: 44”, 30” or 24”

Construction Materials:
Station Body: 8” X 8” x 3/16” aluminum 6063-T52 ASTM B221-96
Base Plate: 11” x 11” x 3/16” sheet aluminum 5052-H32 QQA 250/8
Side Guards: Aluminum 6061-T6 QQA 250/11 .063 sheet
Internal Angles and Shelf: Aluminum 6061-T6 ASTM-B-209 .063 sheet
Fasteners: 304L stainless steel #6 and #10 tamper proof
Hinge: 304L stainless steel 2” leaf with 3/16” pin 7.875” long
Lid Support: 304 stainless steel #45-002 marine application, spring-type
Lock: Stainless steel hasp for padlock
Fittings: 1” x ¾” MIP compression union
Sampling Valve: ¼” brass ball valve with ¼” brass port
Flushing Valve: 1” brass ball valve with 1” port

Model EZ 01F Cut Sheet.jpg

Smooth Sampling Flow

Model EZ 01F Cut Sheet-2.jpg

Full Flow Flushing Valve


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